Twitter Psychology

Psychology answers a lot of questions – the kind that laboratory science often cannot. It explores and dissects why we, humans, behave the way we behave, what we do and the things we think and believe. The results are, more often than not, fascinating.   Twitter, too, needs no introduction, at least to readers of […]


Follower count is, unanimously, the biggest indicator of success on Twitter. Some people may contend with that statement. They may argue that quality of followers, quality of tweets, level of engagement, etc. are far more important success metrics.   However, a lot of people are, without a doubt, influenced by the number of followers somebody […]

How many university sophomores can boast of not only holding their own on social media, but also managing to make a successful, profitable earning off it? Meet August Erickson who is rocking it – accumulating followers (almost 15K on Twitter), posting awesome updates and earning money from Twitter and Instagram. He shares his success story […]


A new Twitter user. A new Twitter account. New people to follow. New followers. New tweets. All hunky dory. And then it happens. Often, sooner than most people expect. Catching them unawares. The dreaded twitter 2000 follow limit. Twitter has a lot of restrictions and limits in place and the one that is hit most […]

JU_blog_first tweets

The #FirstTweet Twitter feature caused quite a stir recently, where Twitter revealed that you could now see the first tweet you ever did or someone else did (find your first tweet).   A use case they might not have foreseen for this feature is the fact that it can be pretty motivational for new users or […]


If you want to get more followers on Instagram, irrespective of whether you have an individual or business account, there is a clubbed formula of three things you should take care of: Post awesome photos Use JustUnfollow’s Copy Followers feature Figure out how to use IG’s hashtags most effectively The first is pretty obvious. We’ll […]

Grow on instagram

The generation next is growing fast on simpler networks like Twitter and Instagram! Everyone is trying to crack this one, how to grow exponentially on Instagram is the most asked question in social media world. As if instagram is the new black. Oh, but wasn’t Orange the new Black? You can decide that later. Now […]

JU_Blog Twitter limits

“How many users can you follow on Twitter?”, “I have more to say, why is Twitter limiting my tweet character count?!”, “We have to send Direct Messages for our marketing campaign – how many can we send?” These and many more questions are raised regarding Twitter and its various limits. And, let’s admit it, no social network […]


Engagement on twitter or any other social media channel is the key to success for all the big and small businesses and even for the individuals. There are limited ways to keep your audience engaged. Today I’m going to introduce you to one of the ways to increase engagement and probably even trend on twitter! […]

Update: Admirers is now available on both Android and iOS. Despite being the most engaging social media platform, businesses and individuals don’t find it all that easy to grow their following and engagement on Instagram. This blog post is the answer to your “get more followers on Instagram” and “get more likes on instagram” dreams. […]

Quotes on Instagram

I am an unabashed quotes lover. I know a lot of people frown upon their usage on social media. You will find blog posts aplenty that advice you not to tweet quotes or post them on Instagram. But, the truth is, these quotes work – they get retweeted, favorited, liked and commented on far more […]

When you lose your mother, have a father who’s a heavy drug user and are raised in foster homes, you learn to pick your weapons where you can. And if one of those weapons is social media, so be it.   Meet Jaye Cane, the “you” in the sentences above. He is a music artist […]


It was just another day for Oliver Drobnik, an iOS developer of quite some repute. A normal Monday morning, normal commute to office, the same great colleagues and the same workstation – an absolutely typical start. That is, until his iPhone started vibrating incessantly with nary a pause. His Mac was deluged with notifications as […]


If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you have to know about Twitter’s follow limit – either because you hit it yourself or because someone you know did.   What Follow Limit? Twitter has a lot of limits in place, including the number of DMs you can send in a day, the number of […]

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter is a social platform. I repeat, social. In most on-ground social settings we are very aware of our appearance, our mannerisms, our words. Why do these etiquettes rarely show up in our virtual interactions?   Several businesses on Twitter would avoid a lot of bashing and build a more loyal following if they were to […]

Instagram Camera

Social networks are called “social” networks for a reason. They are still human-human interaction, except these are virtual. However, not being able to hear or see the person does not mean the social rules of interaction no longer apply. This post covers 10 important Instagram etiquette, rules, do’s and don’ts, best practices, tips – call […]

You learn best from people who’ve been there, rocked that. Learning from your own mistakes would be a very long process indeed. Which is why, we post several tutorials and blog posts that help you do social media better.   This post is an interview with Sean Gardner – #1 Forbes Social Media Power Influencer, […]

Multiple Image Instagram Collage

Collages on Instagram. They look really cool. If you have an Instagram account, you cannot miss those 2, 3, and 4 photos in one image posts. If you’ve wondered how you can create a multiple image Instagram photo too, this post is for you. This tutorial uses just one person and one setting – it […]

Homer Simpsons Fail Wave Justunfollow

First impressions matter – a lot. However, it’s funny how many people don’t give it a lot of thought on the WWW. Imagine you are meeting someone for the first time. Their first impression of you will be based on your personality, your looks, your dressing, your voice, your ability to hold eye contact and […]

JustUnfollow HootSuite

We’ve got very exciting news to share with all of you. JustUnfollow has now integrated with HootSuite, the world’s most widely adopted social relationship platform. If you already use HootSuite to manage your personal or business profiles, you can now add the JustUnfollow app for HootSuite and grow your Twitter network from the convenience of […]