The Making Of A Twitter Friendly Blog

Twitter is one of the biggest social platforms and businesses across the world are using it for much more than just conversing with their audience. Today the platform is used for sharing content that businesses publish on their blogs for spreading knowledge or marketing purposes. With content marketing on the…

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Hyperlapse Image

How Is Hyperlapse Changing Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is increasingly becoming popular in the digital marketing industry for the hidden potential it holds. Businesses are hitting jackpot on the platform – be it promotion of new products or simply engaging with their existing and potential clients, Instagram is the next big thing. ( Rather, it already is! )…

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Keys to build a strong personal brand on (1)

Keys to build a strong personal brand on Instagram

The moment you login to Instagram, you are likely to see the photo of a celebrity popping up in your home feed. You do follow some celebrities, don’t you? Their photos are being ‘liked’ and commented upon by thousands of fans from across the world. It’s easy for celebrities to…

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140 Twitter Tips

140 Twitter Tips In 140 Characters Or Less

This list is mammoth. And, it’s about a social network that’s just as mammoth – in terms of number of users, interactions, benefits, opportunities etc. etc. And, we are sharing it with you! Each tip about Twitter below is under 140 characters and is accompanied by a tweet button. Tweet…

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4 Ways To Make Twitter Images Work

Are you making the most out of Twitter images or is it just another feature that you use every once in a while? Dan Zarrella conducted a study on about 500,000 tweets from across the world in different fields and concluded that tweets with images are “94% more likely to…

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An Unambiguous Guide To Using Twitter Cards

We’re all pretty familiar with the restrictions Twitter enforces on us – the most annoying one being the 140 characters limit for tweets. So how do you deliver the best user experience to your followers without having them leave the platform? Do you know if your followers could sign up…

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5 Scientific Secrets To Get More Instagram Followers

“How to gain more followers on Instagram?” “My photos are awesome, but I don’t get enough likes!” “I need more followers on my Instagram account!” “How can I get more people to view my posts?”   These and many similar questions are now commonplace across the internet as Instagram overtakes…

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Twitter Psychology

The Psychology Of Making It Big On Twitter

Psychology answers a lot of questions – the kind that laboratory science often cannot. It explores and dissects why we, humans, behave the way we behave, what we do and the things we think and believe. The results are, more often than not, fascinating.   Twitter, too, needs no introduction,…

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The Science Of Getting New Twitter Followers

Follower count is, unanimously, the biggest indicator of success on Twitter. Some people may contend with that statement. They may argue that quality of followers, quality of tweets, level of engagement, etc. are far more important success metrics.   However, a lot of people are, without a doubt, influenced by…

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