Who said baby boomers are too old for social media? They are rocking it and how!

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Baby Boomers on Social Media.
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Too old, they said. Not tech-savvy enough, they said. Baby boomers around the world are proving millennials wrong. They are not only signing up on every social networking platform that mushrooms up online, but are also leading the race. I have seen several social media managers and consultants who are, surprise surprise, not teenagers, but those aged 50 and above.

If stats are your thing, baby boomers make up:

44% of Facebook users

30% of Twitter users and

43% of LinkedIn users.

We are not making these up – these figures were revealed by a research shared by Social Media Today, a highly authoritative website, especially where social media is concerned.

Millenials were not the only ones mistaken in their inability to gauge the online social aptitude of baby boomers. Companies had the same misconceptions – and they are changing them as fast as they can.

With social networking almost ubiquitous among young adults, growth on Facebook and Twitter is primarily being driven by those aged 55 and above. I can testify – the parents of all my friends are now on Facebook (and mine have been expressing a keen interest in setting an account up – God help me!).

Social networking is no longer young, it grew old a long time ago. Besides, as the baby boomers would say, age is, after all, just a number.

Are you from the baby boomer generation? What are your thoughts on social media? Millenials – still think baby boomers aren’t savvy enough? Share with us in the comments box below.

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