The Shortest Ultimate Guide To Searching On Twitter

Let us introduce you to the Twitter search box. It’s powerful, incredibly so, but it’s a subtle little fellow and few, if any at all, know how to use it optimally. Presenting, the shortest ultimate guide to searching on Twitter…

The funniest fact about Twitter search guides is that you don’t really need one. Twitter has revealed all you need to know about it’s search box on one page.

The search box can perform some amazing feats. All you need is the secret link:

Twitter Search

Twitter Search

On this link, you will get access to the various operators you can use while searching on twitter, as well as the link to perform advanced searches – you could choose either. The operators and advanced search options are essentially the same, you can use the one you feel most comfortable with. Here are the various operators you can use when searching on Twitter:

Twitter Operators

Twitter Operators

Once you know what these operators are, you will be able to use them directly from the small search box that shows up at the top of your timeline.

Have you used these operators before? Share your twitter search box experience with us in the comments below.

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