turn_offThis had to happen. We knew it when we launched it. The auto tweets do not sit well with some of our users. And if there are people we care about, they are our users.

So, this post is an answer to the irate tweeters who want to turn the auto tweets off (we still love you guys). The auto tweets will stay on though, because a lot of users love them.

When you first create your account, you are asked whether you want to track and tweet your unfollower/follower stats.  If you choose yes, you receive an email to that effect which also tells you how you can turn the tweets off:

Track and Tweet Email

It’s very possible that you ignored that email or it did’t land in your inbox. In which case, here is how you can turn the auto tweets off, once again:

Wait, wait. Before we start with that, give me a few seconds to explain why you need auto tweets:

If you keep it activated, you will not have to log in to your justunfollow account every day to keep your stats updated – we will do it for you.

If you deactivate it, you will have to login manually to our site each day for an updated version of the stats, failing which you may get an imprecise view of your day-by-day and week-by-week followers and unfollowers. Capiche?

This is how you stay updated with the activity on your account and how JustUnfollow gets exposure – win-win. But, if you really want to deactivate it:

 Login to justunfollow.com using your Twitter or Instagram account > Go to Automate – it is the last option on the left. Alternatively, if you use either our Android or iOS app, you will find the “Automated” tab in the latest version as well (install it from the respective appstores) > Uncheck the box next to “Tweet my unfollower and follower stats” > Click Save. You are done.

Well, there you go. Questions, suggestions, feedback? This is the email to contact: info[at]justunfollow[dot]com.

  • Kerja Bank

    well it’s easy turn the auto tweets off .. thanks for update.


  • numpty

    “The auto tweets will stay on though, because a lot of users love them.”
    I do not believe that for one nanosecond. If you have any evidence of this, I will eat my hat.


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