iOS app version 5.3

Close on the heels of the launch of iOS 7, the JustUnfollow team is pleased to announce that your favorite Twitter and Instagram friend management app is now iOS 7 optimized and available in the Appstore. Several new features and changes have been introduced as well.

Now that the formal announcement has been dispensed with:

*Cue: Drumroll*

iOS app version 5.3


What’s special about this update? Lots!

Those of you who’ve used our iOS app already on your iPhones and iPads already know how convenient it is to maintain your Twitter and Instagram accounts better using it. Those who haven’t, you guys should totally download it – thank me later.

What’s new this time round:

Besides being redesigned for iOS7, the app has also been enhanced with several features that you are definitely going to love.

-You can now do more with each listed profile – you can send tweets and DMs to people that show up in your non-followers and followers and also add them to your Twitter lists.

Do more with each profile



-Use friend check to find interesting Twitter relationships and share it as an image on your social and personal networks.

Friend Check and Share


This feature’s awesome – see this user sharing his friend check on Twitter:

-Copy followers history has been added – now see who all you’ve copied followers from in the past.

- Whitelist and blacklist UI revamped – you can now follow and unfollow directly from these lists.

-The Near Me feature has been opened for beta invites – add your email to sign up.

-Your stats will now show on every screen – stay aware of your limits

-Featured users will now show in the iOS app (these were primarily shown in the web app earlier).

It’s better, awesomer and totally download-worthy. Have an iOS device? What are you waiting for? – Download JustUnfollow for iOS7 today.

  • jurassicpork

    WTF is up with this new pink monstrosity? I tried to switch from one twitter account to another and got this pink piece of shit that leaves me undecided whether this is an upgrade or if you got hacked. Since when do you need an Instagram account to log in? I don’t do Instagram nor will I EVER. So how do i sign in to keep track of my followers?

    • Urooj Kazi

      We’ve had the sign in with Instagram option for over a year now for those who want to manage their Instagram accounts as well.

    • jurassicpork

      Thanks for the completely unhelpful, nongermane, nonanswer.


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