There are two classes of people who rarely, if ever, unfollow:

1. People who know you

2. People who admire you

If you want to ensure you never get unfollowed, you will have convert your Twitter followers to one of these classes. Sadly, not all of us can claim to be awesome enough to be admired by thousands, so trying to grow your Twitter account with class 2 people will be nigh impossible. Now class 1 is a different story…

Make Strangers Your Acquaintances

Your new Twitter followers are, most often, strangers. There is nothing stopping them from unfollowing you the very next day. How do you convert strangers into people who know you?

Simple, you start a conversation with them. In real life, it is generally a dumb remark about the weather (but it works, huh? ;)). On Twitter it could be anything, but where and when do you initiate your conversation?

Ideally, you should start conversing with your new followers as soon as possible. You could do that either via mentions in tweets or via direct messages. The problem with the former is that it will clutter your timeline and open out what should be a personal conversation for everyone else to read. So DMs it is – the more personalized, the better.

Cool? Cool.

Wait! Starting conversations via direct messages is great if you get a couple of followers a day. What if you get 50, or 100, or a 1000 new followers (the way we do with the official JustUnfollow Twitter)? In such a scenario, it is best to resort to auto DMs.

Auto DM-ing Your Way To Longer Relationships

An auto DM basically lets you define a message you want to send to your new followers. They have a bad name, because a lot of people consider them spam and with good reason. The problem is a lot of auto DM users use it for personal reasons (to increase website traffic, to get more likes etc.). These are the people who are most likely to get unfollowed by their new followers.

To make an auto DM work, ensure that it is a conversation starter above all else. Which DM are you most likely to reply to:

This one: “Hey! Thanks for following! Let’s connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/xyz. Also, visit my website: www.xyz.com”


this one: “Knock! Knock!”

Our own tests have shown a lot of users are far more willing to respond to the second auto DM (even though it is not personalized in any way). It was as generic as we could get with an example. You can think of something that is more specific to you, your tweets and the kind of new followers you know your profile will attract.

So get creative and create an auto DM that is:

-not too long

-not self promoting

-a conversation starter

and you’ll soon be communicating with your new followers – people who will most likely not unfollow you.

Auto DMs On JustUnfollow

You can create an auto DM in JustUnfollow itself. Here’s how:

-Login to JustUnfollow, either the web app or the mobile ones.

-Go to Automate (you’ll find it in the features list)

-Check the box next to “Automatically send welcome Direct Message to new followers”

-Add your direct message text in the box provided

-You can define more than one direct message (up to 10) and we’ll send any one of these randomly to your new followers.

(Click on screenshot to expand)



Users of JustUnfollow’s free plan, have a “-via justunfollow.com” tag attached to their auto DMs, paid users don’t. I’d recommend an upgrade to remove it (in addition to taking advantage of all the other benefits upgrades offer).




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