Have you been seeing the “Forbidden” error when you try to login to JustUnfollow with Instagram? Or are you greeted with the “Please Reauthenticate” message when you hit follow or unfollow? You aren’t alone.

This error is at Instagram’s end and is being faced by users of all Instagram third party apps.

While Instagram gets its act together, the JustUnfollow tech team has identified a quick hack that has managed to help our users resolve the “Forbidden” and “Please reauthenticate” errors:

  1. Go to the Instagram app, make a small change in your bio and save the change.
  2. Open your JustUnfollow app and add that Instagram account again (just click on Add Account and add your Instagram login details).
Add Account

Add Account

Your Instagram account should now work as well as before the error struck. Let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. How do I take this app off my instagram?! It wont let me accept request nor like pictures nor comment on pictures! Please help.

    • Hi,

      The JustUnfollow app will not affect your Instagram activities in any way. If you want to take it off your IG, simply revoke access to it from the Apps screen.

  2. Every since I installed this app, it does not let me do anything with instagram. I have uninstalled both instagram and the unfollow up and it still does not work. So what can I do to get instagram back working?

  3. this doesn’t work ….. the instagram app doesn’t let you comment, like, follow, or etc. after it said forbidden

  4. The turn around doesn’t work.

  5. I tried following the directions, but when I tried to make a small change on my bio, a blank white page would pop up. What do I do? Nothings working. I want my instagram backkkkk. ):

  6. i can use my instagram again.. thanks a lot!


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