Instagram For Business: The 11 Things You Wish You Knew

A picture is worth a thousand words. More like, a picture is worth a thousand bucks. Or a hundred thousand. With an astounding engagement rate that is up to 60-120 times higher than that of other social media platforms (source), Instagram is the omnipresent ad space you cannot ignore. Instagram for business is the new marketing mantra what with individuals and businesses taking to the…

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Instagram Marketing

How To Decode Your Competitor’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

If you’re using Instagram for business, you cannot take it as lightly as individual users do. You have to figure out a plan, a strategy – something that will work best for you, help you get and keep Instagram followers, convert them to customers and beat your competitors while you are at it. To get started, you will probably chart out a plan from scratch,…

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This is How You Create Eye-Catching Content, and Win Instagram in 300 milliseconds!

While I can right away share the method to create eye-catching content for your brand’s Instagram account, I want you to pause for a moment and ponder upon your own Instagram usage. I want you to think how do you as an individual use Instagram. What kind of people do you follow? How many brands do you follow? And finally, while lazily scrolling through the…

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Instagram Statistics – A Snapshot For Businesses (INFOGRAPHIC)

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms in today’s date. Every business out there is looking for ways to market their products and services to the 200 million monthly active users on the platform ‘effectively’. While most of the businesses around you seem to be present on the platform, there are only 28% making the most out of it. Why, you ask? Instagram…

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The Top 5 Tips To Create An Effective Instagram Strategy

One of the most common queries around Instagram is how to make use of hashtags on the platform in such a way that it gives the posts maximum exposure as well as credibility. Be it an established business or someone just starting off, the question remains the same. So here are those 5 tips that are never going to let your Instagram strategy fail: 1….

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Hyperlapse Image

How Is Hyperlapse Changing Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is increasingly becoming popular in the digital marketing industry for the hidden potential it holds. Businesses are hitting jackpot on the platform – be it promotion of new products or simply engaging with their existing and potential clients, Instagram is the next big thing. ( Rather, it already is! ) If you’ve been keeping a track of what’s trending on Instagram, you would know that…

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Keys to build a strong personal brand on (1)

Keys to build a strong personal brand on Instagram

The moment you login to Instagram, you are likely to see the photo of a celebrity popping up in your home feed. You do follow some celebrities, don’t you? Their photos are being ‘liked’ and commented upon by thousands of fans from across the world. It’s easy for celebrities to gain followers and keep the engagement on on any platform, because they’ve already built their…

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Insta – Etiquette : The Do’s and Don’ts Of Instagram

Instagram has become a part of our everyday lives. You need to know someone? Don’t bother googling their names or searching for their Facebook profiles; all you need to do is browse through their Instagram feed. Simple, isn’t it? The same holds true for businesses that are using the platform to promote their products and services across the world. It’s either the website or the…

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8 Things Businesses Successful On Instagram Do

Instagram recently hit 200 million active users and everyone is privy of the fact. It is no longer just a place to post images and videos for fun, it’s now considered as one of the biggest social platforms for marketing purposes. Marketers across the world are struggling to get their brands on the successful Instagrammers bandwagon; stalking brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to curate…

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5 Scientific Secrets To Get More Instagram Followers

“How to gain more followers on Instagram?” “My photos are awesome, but I don’t get enough likes!” “I need more followers on my Instagram account!” “How can I get more people to view my posts?”   These and many similar questions are now commonplace across the internet as Instagram overtakes erstwhile popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter in popularity. Unfortunately, answers to the questions…

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How To Hack Instagram Hashtags To Get More Followers

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, irrespective of whether you have an individual or business account, there is a clubbed formula of three things you should take care of: Post awesome photos Use JustUnfollow’s Copy Followers feature Figure out how to use IG’s hashtags most effectively The first is pretty obvious. We’ll write a blog post soon on the different types of…

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Grow on instagram

How to Grow On Instagram – Tips, Tricks and More!

The generation next is growing fast on simpler networks like Twitter and Instagram! Everyone is trying to crack this one, how to grow exponentially on Instagram is the most asked question in social media world. As if instagram is the new black. Oh, but wasn’t Orange the new Black? You can decide that later. Now buckle up and be ready to grow on instagram in…

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Quotes on Instagram

DIY: How To Post Quotes On Instagram

I am an unabashed quotes lover. I know a lot of people frown upon their usage on social media. You will find blog posts aplenty that advice you not to tweet quotes or post them on Instagram. But, the truth is, these quotes work – they get retweeted, favorited, liked and commented on far more than most other post types. Why? Because there are loads…

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Instagram Camera

10 Essential Instagram Tips Every User Should Know

Social networks are called “social” networks for a reason. They are still human-human interaction, except these are virtual. However, not being able to hear or see the person does not mean the social rules of interaction no longer apply. This post covers 10 important Instagram etiquette, rules, do’s and don’ts, best practices, tips – call them what you will – that will help you make…

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Multiple Image Instagram Collage

How To Combine Multiple Photos Into One Instagram Image

Collages on Instagram. They look really cool. If you have an Instagram account, you cannot miss those 2, 3, and 4 photos in one image posts. If you’ve wondered how you can create a multiple image Instagram photo too, this post is for you. This tutorial uses just one person and one setting – it isn’t terribly creative, but will serve our purposes well and…

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Instagram’s Forbidden And Re-Authenticate Errors: Quick Hack

Have you been seeing the “Forbidden” error when you try to login to JustUnfollow with Instagram? Or are you greeted with the “Please Reauthenticate” message when you hit follow or unfollow? You aren’t alone. This error is at Instagram’s end and is being faced by users of all Instagram third party apps. While Instagram gets its act together, the JustUnfollow tech team has identified a…

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6 Steps To Your Business’ Social Media Success

It’s 2013, and if you’re not using social media to market and promote your business, you’re losing out on a lot of potential clients and customers. If you’ve attempted to use social media in the past but failed, then you’re no better than the business owner who hasn’t tried it. No matter which path you’ve taken, it’s time to realize that social media works with…

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5 Reasons Why Your StartUp Should Have A JustUnfollow Account

Startups are, well, startups. They are newly created and are (often) working hard to establish a business model that will help them grow and earn. At JustUnfollow, we can help startups achieve their goals. Not so ironically, we are a startup too. Available for Twitter and Instagram at the moment, we are planning to integrate and extend our features to other social networks soon. If…

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The Ultimate Instagram And Vine Face Off

With the recent releases of Instagram’s and Vine’s video sharing apps in the past few months, social video sharing has become the newest aspect to our ever-connected, can’t-be-farther-than-an-arm’s-length-from-our-smartphones, socially networked lives. Guest author, JT Ripton, compares and contrasts the two apps. Facebook’s Instagram was already one of the largest social media platforms at the time of the video sharing app’s launch, which has only helped…

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