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How Is Hyperlapse Changing Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is increasingly becoming popular in the digital marketing industry for the hidden potential it holds. Businesses are hitting jackpot on the platform – be it promotion of new products or simply engaging with their existing and potential clients, Instagram is the next big thing. ( Rather, it already is! )…

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Keys to build a strong personal brand on (1)

Keys to build a strong personal brand on Instagram

The moment you login to Instagram, you are likely to see the photo of a celebrity popping up in your home feed. You do follow some celebrities, don’t you? Their photos are being ‘liked’ and commented upon by thousands of fans from across the world. It’s easy for celebrities to…

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5 Scientific Secrets To Get More Instagram Followers

“How to gain more followers on Instagram?” “My photos are awesome, but I don’t get enough likes!” “I need more followers on my Instagram account!” “How can I get more people to view my posts?”   These and many similar questions are now commonplace across the internet as Instagram overtakes…

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How To Hack Instagram Hashtags To Get More Followers

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, irrespective of whether you have an individual or business account, there is a clubbed formula of three things you should take care of: Post awesome photos Use JustUnfollow’s Copy Followers feature Figure out how to use IG’s hashtags most effectively The…

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How to Grow On Instagram – Tips, Tricks and More!

The generation next is growing fast on simpler networks like Twitter and Instagram! Everyone is trying to crack this one, how to grow exponentially on Instagram is the most asked question in social media world. As if instagram is the new black. Oh, but wasn’t Orange the new Black? You…

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Quotes on Instagram

DIY: How To Post Quotes On Instagram

I am an unabashed quotes lover. I know a lot of people frown upon their usage on social media. You will find blog posts aplenty that advice you not to tweet quotes or post them on Instagram. But, the truth is, these quotes work – they get retweeted, favorited, liked…

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Instagram Camera

10 Essential Instagram Tips Every User Should Know

Social networks are called “social” networks for a reason. They are still human-human interaction, except these are virtual. However, not being able to hear or see the person does not mean the social rules of interaction no longer apply. This post covers 10 important Instagram etiquette, rules, do’s and don’ts,…

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6 Steps To Your Business’ Social Media Success

It’s 2013, and if you’re not using social media to market and promote your business, you’re losing out on a lot of potential clients and customers. If you’ve attempted to use social media in the past but failed, then you’re no better than the business owner who hasn’t tried it….

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The Ultimate Instagram And Vine Face Off

With the recent releases of Instagram’s and Vine’s video sharing apps in the past few months, social video sharing has become the newest aspect to our ever-connected, can’t-be-farther-than-an-arm’s-length-from-our-smartphones, socially networked lives. Guest author, JT Ripton, compares and contrasts the two apps. Facebook’s Instagram was already one of the largest social…

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One Simple Way To Earn Good Karma Using JustUnfollow is awesome. So what if we say so ourselves. It helps you follow, unfollow, manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts and stay awesome yourself. Here’s your chance to do more with your favorite app – gain karma points! With most of us spending most of our time online, the…

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